Data Recovery SolutionsSoltech Technology Solutions can assist you in recovering data from a failed or failing hard drive. We have the in-house tools and experience to recover data from many types of logical data loss situations, including:

  • Formatted Hard Drive
  • Power Surges resulting in lost partitions
  • Master Boot Record Failure
  • Viruses resulting in lost or corrupt files
  • Accidental file deletion
  • File corruption

In case of mechanical failure, hard disk data recoveries must be performed in dust-free clean-room environments where they can be carefully dismounted, examined and processed. Soltech can assist you in selecting a qualified Data Recovery Lab based on the type of hard drive failure and the value of your data. Clean room laboratory environment recovery can be very expensive. Soltech's knowledge and relationship with these service providers can many times save you some time and money in recovering your valuable data.

In many cases a disaster can be avoided by implementing a routine Data Backup procedure. Soltech can assist you in developing pro-active procedures to backup and restore your data to be prepared for failures such as this.


If you are looking for an experienced and qualified Data Recovery Technology Consulting Company in the Michigan area, give us a call or send an inquiry using our contact us form.