Soltech is pleased to offer our customers a custom tailored "Help Desk" solution. We can provide your organization with a custom technical support solution to meet your individual business needs. Packages are available for 9x5 or 24x7 end-user technical support issues. Calls can automatically be escalated from Level 1 to Level 2 tech support, or a technician can be dispatched to resolve on-site technical issues.

What You Get
When you sign up for Help Desk Service you'll enjoy live, U.S.-based, 24/7 technical support on software and hardware products from certified frontline-support technicians.

Please contact us for a complete list of supported software, hardware and applications.

The Human Touch
Our friendly customer-service team will use industry-leading internal processes to expertly troubleshoot your technical issues.

Quality Assured
Phone calls are randomly recorded and monitored by a trained quality-assurance team.

Two Levels of Support:
Level 1 Help Desk: Benefit from a call-answering service, troubleshooting and call-logging, using a populated knowledge base to resolve the incident at first point of contact.

  • Windows and Apple workstation troubleshooting and triage
  • Desktop peripheral hardware included
  • Issues resolved using remote control

Level 2 Help Desk: Additional troubleshooting assistance is provided. If a call can't be resolved, predefined call-escalation processes will elevate the issue to a qualified expert.

  • Includes all support features of Level 1 Help Desk
  • Server-based password resets

We can assist with multiple call types, including:

  • Internet/Network connectivity
  • Password resets
  • Peripheral support (e.g., printer issues)
  • Dispatch/Call management services
  • Answering service
  • Desktop applications
  • Core Microsoft OS
  • Apple Mac OS X
  • Custom/Vertical/Line-of-business applications

Put Us to Work
Our Help Desk Service can be employed to complement your current staff during times of increased call volume, such as software roll-outs and upgrades. Benefit from 24/7 technical support and after-hours user interface, as well as answers to how-to and technical or error-resolution questions.

Measuring Success
We strive for excellence. Our solution center maintains the highest standard of service-level metrics, including:

  • First call resolution
  • Average speed of answer
  • Abandonment rate

All measurements are reviewed and managed daily.

Key Help Desk Features:

  • Domestic call center
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices
  • Round-the-clock support by certified technicians
  • Access to the eSupport Web Portal for easy reporting
  • Choice of multiple service offerings
  • Customized, dedicated ACD phone line with an optional script
  • Call-dispatch capabilities for on-site repairs
  • 24/7/365 service

Key Benefits of Help Desk Services include:

  • Freeing time for your internal resources to focus on core business and development projects
  • Reducing operations costs
  • Outsourcing help desk services, faster than building and staffing your own
  • Receiving 24/7/365 service
  • Eliminating drain on your resources, staff or infrastructure