You can't afford downtime. Your systems are what keep your business moving forward. When systems fail, nothing else matters. If you have an expert Consultant at your disposal, your problems can be resolved quickly. Better yet, with a remote monitoring and management solution in place we can usually keep the systems from going down in the first place.

Soltech offers a variety of remote monitoring and management services to assist our clients in maintaining a stable network environment. Soltech can provide your organization with piece of mind by monitoring your critical systems and many times alerting you to potential problems before they begin to disrupt your business operations.

Our Remote Monitoring and Management Services can alert you to:

  • High CPU Utilization
  • Low Disk Space
  • Abnormal Activity
  • Virus Outbreaks
  • Updates and/or upgrades
  • failing or malfunctioning equipment


If you are looking for an experienced and qualified Network Technology Consulting Company in the Michigan area to Monitor and Manage you environment, give us a call or send an inquiry using our contact us form.