Wireless Networks provide freedom and flexibility and, when properly implemented, are a secure extension to your data network connectivity. Soltech Technology Solutions staff has the training and experience to design and deploy a high performance wireless network for your organization.


As technology continues to evolve at an ever increasing pace. Companies are looking for ways to extend the reach of existing infrastructures and improve productivity by providing undeterred access to networks at the office, home, or anywhere around the world while at the same time controlling costs.

Soltech employ's certified engineers with over 20 years of combined experience. Soltech's knowledge base and real life experience covering a vast multitude of wireless applications.


WiFi Hotspots:

A physical location that offers internet access over WiFi (Wireless LAN) through the use of a shared internet connection and a single router. Hotspots can typically be found in coffee shops and various other public establishments. Soltech can develop the right hotspot that fits your needs, whether it be as simple as providing free open WiFi, free WiFi with advertising, or charging for WiFi access and selling advertising.
Wireless Hot Spot

Commercial hotspot may feature:

* Captive portal or Login screen that users are redirected to for authentication and payment if desired
* Payment option using credit card, PayPal, BOZII, iPass, or other payment service
* Walled garden feature that allows free access to certain sites for advertising

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network):

With throughput performance of greater than 300Mbps, IT no longer needs to spend the time and money to run wire to each and every desk, saving money not only in time spent. WLAN solutions provide unparalleled flexibility and scalability for fast-changing organizations. WLAN's can be a complement to a network or a burden, Soltech's experienced engineers can make sure you are aware of all of the pro's and con's when deploying a WiFi network. Soltech can also conduct performance testing on a WLAN to determine if the wireless network is operating optimally.
Wireless Heatmap
* Extends or complements your wired LAN for instant network access anywhere
* Significantly reduces the cost and complexity of moves, adds and changes
* Converged voice, video and data with all the benefits of mobility


Why not consumer grade WiFi products?

The mistake:

  • "I can get cheap access points at my computer retailer"
  • "It's WiFi certified, it'll support WPA and it's up and running out of the box"
  • "I run a 100 employee business; 8 AP's for about $600 will work fine"


What seams cheap today could cost significantly more tomorrow

What it costs your business:

  • Additional labor costs to manage network and security policies
  • Increased exposure to costly security breaches
  • Lost competitive advantage gained by adding mobility services such as voice or security as needed
  • Lack of investment protection for scalability or network evolution






Security & Surveillance:

There is an increasing need for video surveillance to help secure the world's airports, ports, and transportation infrastructure as well as schools, hospitals, government and other critical environments. It can be challenging to install video surveillance in areas that are too remote, too costly or physically impossible to reach with additional cabling, this is where wireless makes it possible. With Soltech's experience in IP based video surveillance and wireless experience our engineers can design and deploy the video security solution that fits.
Wireless Video Surveillance
* Eliminates the massive costs and delays of trenching for fiber
* Quickly deployed and configured
* Deploys virtually anywhere - across rugged terrain, bodies of water and remote areas
* Carrier-class reliability ensures non-stop security
* High capacity, configurable and secure broadband wireless for guaranteed QoS
* Enables real-time transmission from and control of surveillance cameras
* Allows remote and mobile monitoring (via PDAs, PCs, laptops, etc.) and increases ROI








Last Mile Access:

It's the part of the telecommunications network that links users with broadband accessWireless 100Mb Backhaul Link

WiMAX and outdoor Wi-Fi mesh solutions give service providers and municipalities today's fastest path to new markets and revenue can quickly and cost-effectively create wireless networks to capture new customers and deliver secure and reliable access to high-speed data, voice and video services.

* Faster time to market and lower Total Cost of Ownership
* Flexibility in service delivery using shared or dedicated bandwidth
* Scalability to handle rural and urban subscriber densities on the same infrastructure
* Security, performance and reliability that meets or exceeds leased line networks




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