Search Engine Optimization Case Study for


Prism Manufacturing is an Abrasive Media Blasting Specialist located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The company wanted to drive more traffic to their web site in an effort to develop more business.

Soltech's Michigan SEO Team began to research the abrasive media blasting competition in the local area and developed a list of keywords / keyphrases that the local competition was targeting in their web sites. We then checked the relevancy and frequency of these keywords in "real life" searches and settled on 5 keyphrases that were both relevant to the industry and actually used in "real world" searches on a consistant basis.

Now that the keywords and phrases had been defined, it was time to optimize the site pages for these key terms. Soltech uses a combination of "On-the-Page" techniques to target search engines responsiveness to key terms used throughout the content of the sites pages as well as hidden in the underlying HTML code.

The results for this particular client were impressive, to say the least, and even surpassed our SEO Teams expectations. Within days of optimizing the pages the site was ranked by many of the major search engines including, Google, Yahoo, Bing, All the Web, and Alta Vista. Within one week the clients' web site held the top position across three search engines (including: Google, and Yahoo) for 3 of the 5 keyphrases! Within two weeks the site held the top search position in 19 out of 30 possible rankings across the 6 search engines targeted. Not just the first page of search results, THE NUMBER ONE SEARCH ENGINE RESPONSE!

The rest of the results were either on the first page or second page of search results. No search result ranked lower than 17 within two weeks of targeting the key-phrases and implementing the SEO strategy.


While we can not guarantee the same results for your organizations web site, wouldn't you like the piece of mind knowing that a successful and accomplished Search Engine Optimization team is working on your SEO Campaign? For additional information, please visit our Search Engine Optimization page.