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On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc. (OnSSI) offers a comprehensive IP video surveillance control and management software solution, and continues to develop the most advanced IP-based intelligent video surveillance solutions in the market. For more information about OnSSI, click here.


The World's Leading Platform for IP Video Surveillance, Featuring Multiple Video Clients Including Ocularis Client Lite

NetDVMS is OnSSI’s market-leading multi-site, multi-server enterprise-scale network video recorder and camera management platform. Now featuring the revolutionary Ocularis Client Lite, it provides automated event detection and intelligent video delivery through integration with physical security systems and advanced content analytics.

The Power of IP-Based Video Surveillance

IP-Based video surveillance means that cameras can be securely monitored, recorded, administered and accessed from any authorized workstation or portable device within the local network or over the Internet. With NetDVMS, the most powerful IP-based solution by far, OnSSI has established its leadership in the new era of surveillance management systems.

Extensive Camera Management

Position any number of PTZ cameras anywhere on the network, wired or wireless, without the need for video matrixes, multiplexers or switches. Each camera can be configured independently for frame rate, resolution, compression format, recording mode and storage location. Video is recorded and securely archived to any location on the network multiple times each day. Cameras can be accessed and controlled using a wide range of clients - the Ocularis Client Lite and NetGuard-EVS desktop clients, the browser- based NetGuard, the NetSwitcher video wall virtual matrix switch (optional), and the NetCell and NetPDA handheld clients.

Universal Camera Support

NetDVMS supports over 400 IP camera and encoders, as well as all popular video formats - giving you the most flexibility in camera selection. Choose the IP cameras that are right for the job, including megapixel, 360o and specialty cameras, or retrofit your existing analog cameras using video encoders.

Built for Convergence

OnSSI’s open-architecture technology allows for seamless convergence with security, retail and other organizational systems. Simple-to-use APIs enable integrating NetDVMS with Access Control, Contact Closure, Fire Alarm Panels, Emergency Phones and most other IP-based systems, to create a true alarm, alert and event management system.

Video Intelligence and Content Analytics

With more video content streaming from ever-growing camera systems, the need for video intelligence has become imperative. Video content analytics allow the same number or fewer security operators to address the continually growing amount of video data. OnSSI’s open-standards connectivity with physical security devices enable detecting events and
exceptions, based on rules, automatically and in real time. Video Content Analytics modules add a higher level of recognition of exceptions and movement patterns, including directional movement, unattended objects and vehicles, motion tracking, crowd behavior and more. The result is the efficient and automatic detection of events and exceptions that are streamed to users - automatically - through intelligent remote, web and mobile video clients/controllers.

Event Management

NetDVMS provides automated processes capable of turning volumes of video data into critical information. Motion events or events generated by external physical security systems, can be accessed and investigated within seconds via Ocularis Client Lite. Video of the event, together with audio captured by camera-connected microphones, can be easily exported as an AVI file or video database for use as court evidence.

Protecting Your Investment

OnSSI offers an optional Software Upgrade Plan (SUP) that will keep your system current with the latest features and functionalities. And as a 100% non-proprietary solution, you are always able to upgrade your Windows® operating system and install best-of-breed hardware components.

Setting the benchmark for IP Video Surveillance

With thousands of installations worldwide and more city-wide and multi-site deployments than any other IP Video Surveillance software platform, OnSSI’s IP video platforms have become the standard for law enforcement installations, local and federal government agencies, corporate installations and school districts worldwide.