Soltech is a Michigan Technology Consulting Company. We offer a variety of services to assist you in your telecommunication system needs. Whether you have a Centrex system, a traditional PBX, or a VoIP Communications system, Soltech has the expert staff to help you manage your existing system.

The way businesses communicate and exchange information is rapidly and constantly changing. Voice, Internet, and other technologies are converging (VoIP, Unified Communications, SIP, Messaging), and Soltech is positioned to help our clients make the most of the latest solutions to their changing technology needs.

Many businesses and organizations do not have in-house resources to effectively analyze their communication needs. In today's competitive environment, companies need to function at peak performance. One way to accomplish this is to empower employees with better tools to increase productivity, save time, reduce costs and increase profitability  and Soltech can help.

Soltech's consultants can help answer some of the most common questions that businesses ask:

  1. How do we tell how many phone calls our company receives a day?
  2. Are our customers getting busy signals?
  3. Do we need to add additional lines?
  4. Which service provider should we use?
  5. How do I know if employees are making personal calls?
  6. Should I go with a VoIP or SIP provider?
  7. How do we decide on the type of new Phone System for our business?


If you are looking for an experienced and qualified Telecommunications and Technology Consulting Company in the Michigan area, give us a call or send an inquiry using our contact us form.


Useful Tools:

- Daylight Savings Time

- VoIP Bandwidth Calculator

- Local Exchange Lookup Tool

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