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Soltech can Unify all aspects of your communications: email, mobile, phone, fax, instant messaging, web conferencing and video conferencing.

Unified Communicaitons...
Collaboration Anytime, Anywhere

Simplify business processes that depend on human interaction. Unified Communications solutions help close the productivity gap created by globalization.

By using the intelligence of the communications network for context and collaboration, an organization can move with greater speed and agility. Employees, business partners, and customers can connect in real time and conduct business across multiple work spaces.

Unified Communications combine all forms of business communications into a single, unified solution for powerful new ways to:

• Collaborate across companies and work spaces: Secure unified communications help coworkers, partners, vendors, and customers collaborate using any combination of clients, applications, and devices.
• Accelerate decision making and customer service cycles: Unified communications improve productivity and help connect employees and customers with the information and expertise they need in real time.
• Innovate across the value chain: Unified communications capabilities embedded into work flows and business applications can transform business processes and increase customer satisfaction.
• Integrate applications: Unified Communications integrated with other applications allow workers to collaborate in real time using their favorite tools and software.

Soltech Technology Solutions can assist you by conducting an "IP Telephony Readiness Analysis" and develop an "IP Telephony Total Cost of Ownership Analysis".

SIP Trunks for PSTN Access
Perception vs. Reality

SIP Trunks can be deployed over any media.
SIP Trunks should only be deployed over media that can provide a guaranteed QoS that is acceptable (i.e. it would not be recommended to deploy them across Satellite links if Voice quality is important).

SIP Trunks are always cheaper than PSTN trunks for PSTN Access.
Large Enterprise have such low rates for traditional TDM based telephony, rates over SIP Trunks may not save much, if anything, in per minute charges for Local or Long Distance voice calls. SIP trunks are unregulated services and what Service Provider charges vary widely (unlike TDM offerings).

SIP Trunks provide the exact same experience for the end users.
SIP Trunks can provide the same experience in many cases, but in some cases (i.e. Baudot connections for Deaf users or V.92 speed modem connections) experience is different; faxs can be problematic.

SIP Trunks are easy to deploy and just work.
SIP is easy to deploy, but interconnection between different vendors implementations of SIP and different Service Providers offering is not yet ironed out. Current Service Provider offerings are not mature and every provider’s offering has to be carefully evaluated and tested. Number portability can be a significant enabler or drawback.

SIP Trunks should always be used.
Evaluate carefully. In some cases TDM trunks make a better choice. Or perhaps a better choice for certain traffic types or calling patterns.


SIP and Quality of Service (QoS)

• Quality of Service is essential for ensuring that a TDM trunk can be replaced with a SIP Trunk for PSTN Access.
• QoS can only be GUARANTEED when Physical link (i.e. Layer 1 Provider) is the same as the SIP Trunk (i.e. Layer 7 application provider).
• Good QoS policy can help when the Layer 1 provider is same as the SIP Trunk provider but if you choose an “Over The Top” SIP Trunk provider, marking of QoS packets will have little effect on the final quality provided.

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To determine if your company is prepared to plan, deploy and utilize IP Telephony systems, you need to answer the following questions:


What is IP Telephony?

Does it benefit my end-users and my company?

Is our network infrastructure ready to add the voice applications to your local area network?

If not, what gaps would need to be addressed prior to deploying an IP telephony solution?


Linksys Voice Systems

Cisco Small Business Voice Systems (Linksys Business Series) The strength of a business class phone system at an affordable price


Cisco Small Business Voice Systems, the SPA400 in conjunction with the SPA9000 offers a range of features, including:

- Advanced functionality such as music-on-hold, call forwarding, three-way conferencing, call transfers, call parking, and group paging options

- Support for up to 32 voicemail accounts, each customizable for individual greeting

- The ability to operate with both analog and IP phones

- An option that allows Internet telephone service providers to remotely update the device's software and settings

- Password-protected security features and strong encryption protocols to preserve the integrity of your communications

- A simplified installation process that will have your voice network up and running within minutes


Smart Business Communication System & UC500

Cisco Smart Business Communications System Secure data, voice, video and wireless all comes wrapped up in the Cisco Smart Business Communications System package


Cisco Smart Business Communications System offers a range of features, including:


- A full line of business phones, complete with traditional and advanced features, for all types of businesses and workers

- Call-processing software with automated attendant, voicemail, and basic call distribution capabilities

- Paging, conferencing, and video calls

- Optional ability to see availability of colleagues whether they're using a phone or PC

- Optional integration with popular customer relations management (CRM) applications from Microsoft or Salesforce.com

- Optional integration with specialized third-party applications for increased employee productivity

- Optional wireless access

- Built-in set up and management tools


Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business Highly versatile and easy to manage platform that delivers small businesses the latest in communication technologies

Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business Features:

- Supports up to 50 phones in multiple locations

- Basic call-center capability

- Support for music on hold

- Optional wireless access

- Call processing through Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express

- Integrated voicemail and automated attendant through Cisco Unity Express

- Full functionality for remote/teleworkers